Bill Phillips Transformation Camp

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Rebuild Your Body • Renew Your Life

Now you can workout with Body-for-LIFE author Bill Phillips and have him help YOU get in the best shape of your life!

Bill wants to sit with you face-to-face and talk about your goals. He will help you tap into your full potential and ability to make stunning and healthy changes in your body and life.

People have come from around the world to attend this 3-day intensive program and begin the most transformative 12 weeks of their lives. Camp is an opportunity for people from outside of Colorado to participate and enjoy the benefits of all that we have to offer. Exercise, nutrition, mindset, course correction, motivation, mentoring, support and encouragement are all included in this full-circle “T-360” program. It’s all designed to help you make inspiring, exciting changes in your body, your health, your outlook, your life!

You'll learn Bill’s new ‘full circle’ program  which is essentially the ‘THE BEST OF’ all his previous work (including Body-for-LIFE, Eating for Life, Transformation, etc.). The information covers the 6 Pillars of his full-circle approach called T-360: MINDSET, MOTIVATION, EXERCISE, NUTRITION, SUPPORT, and ACCOUNTABILITY. We think it is the very best Before to After Program available today. We  invite you and others to join Bill in person at the Center to experience the exciting body and life transforming effects of this complete, ‘full-circle’ program.

Bill will give you the knowledge, the motivation, the support, and the friendly accountability you need to finally lose the unhealthy weight (and keep it off) while also rebuilding your strength, lifting your energy through the roof, and improving your quality of life in ways that will have you, your family, and even your doctor smiling ear to ear.

People who attend camp are getting results and that is what it is all about. Their bodies are getting healthier, and they are enjoying their lives more... we’ve seen these transformations in person!! Great things are happening at Camp and in the lives of the wonderful people who come here to attend our 3-day camps.

The Transformation Program Includes:

Over 20 hours with Bill and his Transformation Team in a small group setting.

Nutrition Counseling: We teach you about the right foods, the right amount, combinations, and right times. We help you plan your meals in advance and teach you how to schedule the meals into your day. Planning and preparing to eat right is a life skill you will learn that can benefit you for life!

Exercise Coaching: We teach you exactly how to do our 5-25 workouts so you can do them​ on your own.

Motivation: We give you the personal motivation you must have to get started right.

Knowledge: We answer all of your questions daily... the faster we learn, the more progress we will make.

Support: 12 weeks of community support and ongoing coaching tips to help you stay motivated and on track!

Meals: All your healthy meals are provided during the camp.

Discounted Hotel Rate: We set up a special group rate at a hotel within 10 minutes of the Transformation Center. This is where most all Camp participants stay when they travel in from out of town.

Free Transportation: From the hotel to the Transformation Center each day

Your Investment:

Your investment in the 3-day Transformation Camp, where you will work with Bill personally varies by Camp date, please write in for complete details. Registration includes the workshops, workouts, nutrition planning, and all your healthy meals during the 3-day event, as well as 12 full weeks of ongoing support to help you stay on track and achieve breakthrough results. You will also go out to eat a healthy dinner with Bill at one of his favorite restaurants on Friday and Saturday evening. You will have fun and also work hard all weekend. Please don’t put off making the decision to get healthy. This will be the best investment in yourself that you’ve ever made.

Write to Bill now at Bill@Transformation.comCamp spots sell out fast so IF you are SERIOUS and READY to lose the unhealthy weight and replace it with vibrant, strong muscle, please, contact me right away so I can help you finally get the body you want. Include a phone number in your message so we can talk about your goals and challenges and start getting a Transformation Plan unique to you.