LIVE Coaching with Bill Phillips

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Bill Phillips can be your LIVE coach, guiding you through a total transformation -- daily workouts, meal plans, mindset, motivation and accountability!

Bill Phillips is offering, via LIVE Video, up close and personal coaching program for 4 weeks. Join Bill for LIVE workouts and lessons in nutrition and to get your daily shot of motivation! If you can't tune in live, you can watch the videos ON DEMAND; any time of day or night that works with your schedule.

By live, daily, Facebook video, Bill Phillips will guide participants step-by-step through four weeks of total transformation education and action. He will teach you an advanced form of goal-setting and achieving; the healthy way to overcome adversity; how to apply the science of emotional fitness; as well as the best way to lose fat, gain muscle, build your confidence and boost your energy. All you do is follow along and enjoy the incredible results. All participants will be brought together in a positive and encouraging community on a private Facebook group, so everyone participating can enjoy giving and receiving support and encouragement.

This coaching and mentorship opportunity is for people who are willing to give their ALL and who are READY to take their fitness results and knowledge to the next level!

You'll be shown each workout and be given a daily meal plan in advance so you have time to prepare and follow the complete instructions. Bill Phillips will answer participants questions by live video each day and give you insight and a motivational message to keep you going strong! You'll receive the most specific, step by step instructions ever... it's a COMPLETE 'fitness prescription' by Bill Phillips, for YOU... that virtually 100% guarantees your success... that is what this is.

Your Investment: Consider this... Bill Phillips' world-renowned, 3-day Transformation Camps require that people invest $1,500 to $3,000 to attend and we have sold out every Camp for the last four and a half years.

Consider this also: An 'average' personal trainer charges upwards of $65 an HOUR to guide you through a workout. In LA and NY trainers with 10+ years experience typically charge $200 an hour.

What Bill Phillips is going to do is give participants up close and specific, live coaching and mentorship every day of the week for four weeks--well over 30 hours of live coaching by Bill Phillips, for just $14 a day. That's about 85% less than the cost of hiring an average personal trainer.

When Bill does something like this, he does it at 100% or not at all. He only wants to mentor and coach people who are willing to do the same--who are ready to work hard to make incredible progress in their body and life.

Bill Phillips is looking for people who want to achieve stunning success! Who are ready to win and achieve every single day.

What about you? Are you satisfied with your condition today. Have you wanted to get back on track or take your results from good to Great! Do you need some coaching and some daily motivation to stay on plan; to stay focused and energized? Would you go ALL IN (give it 100%) for four weeks with Bill there to teach and guide you, LIVE, each day?

Bill is willing to go full tilt for four weeks to help you. This is the 'ALL IN, 4-Week Challenge, LIVE' and there has never been a service or curriculum anything like this before. Make no mistake, Bill Phillips CAN help you take control and improve your body (gain muscle and get rid of fat!) and he can help you boost your health for life. He will take ALL the guesswork out of fitness success to the first 50 people who commit to take ACTION and sign up.

Are you Ready to go ALL IN with Bill Phillips as your LIVE daily Coach, for four weeks at just $14 a day? IF you are, click the red "ADD TO CART" button above and sign up now before this event is sold out!