Go Live! Go Strong!
Go for 300 Workouts in 2018!

If you want to get in good shape for this upcoming summer, and if you want to get in good shape for the rest of your LIFE, you are going to have to be an expert at working out. Let's be real... all the people we know who enjoy great health and fitness; as well as good strength and energy have something in common: they all workout. I have to workout to stay in shape, especially at my age (53). You have to workout too. And you have to know what you're doing. Don't worry, I can show you exactly how to lift weights at home or the gym and get Olympic athlete quality results. Seriously. I can. You can. IF we workout consistently, intensely, now and for the long haul. Once it becomes a habit, you will like working out more than think. 

My workouts, going back to Body-for-LIFE and forward to the Health-for-LIFE plan that I teach today, are always based on SCIENCE. No fads. No gimmicks. No BS. Just the BEST workouts, made simple. So simple that you can do them at home with a basic set of dumbbells from Walmart or Target or the local sporting goods store. 

The workouts you'll do take 25 minutes a day. That's just 2% of the total time you have available each day! Everybody, you, me... anyone can find 25 minutes a day to workout, right? Right! My method of exercise is Safe, Sustainable, Effective, and Efficient. The workouts help you build lean, strong muscles and boost your metabolic rate so you lose fat without low calorie dieting! The workouts I teach are also incredible medicine for heart health and they boost your energy too! The key to enjoying great results is just following me as I teach each days workout. Setting a fitness goal to workout 25 times a month is the KEY to changing your health, for LIFE!

Setting goals is a start. COMMITTING TO THOSE GOALS is a vitally important aspect. I have been teaching a LIVE daily video workout for almost two years now and I have noticed that when people invest in my coaching services, they always get better results. I love teaching people how to workout for life, and in each daily workout I give a lot of valuable information and we practice the right form first and foremost. I can teach anyone, even 55 year olds who have never worked out with weights before, to become experts: Masters of the 'Iron Game' as I like to call it. 

Another thing I have noticed is that when my students pay up front, they attend their workout classes like clockwork. It's stunning how just having a little 'skin in the game' makes such a huge difference in the number of workouts people show up for. I have many people on track to get 300 workouts this year... some of them worked out maybe 20 times the year before! 

FACT: When you pay for the service, you really put your effort into it and you get more out of it. But the same good people who have received some months free have oddly faded away... until you signed up and paid again. It is called the 'comp curse.' We have seen it for many years in different forms. 

I am committing to the full year of coaching and I will work hard to bring you the best workouts and workshops that keep the mind and heart nourished with compelling facts and inspiring success stories. I have made my life purpose doing this work. It's my calling and I intend to do it right up to my last breath... "Come On! Once more rep!" my last words someday at age 96 or so I hope! On any day I can't be there for the workout we will have additional coaches from our community step up and lead the team through the best training routines anywhere.

Here is what I am offering... I am offering you and I am challenging you to commit to a prorated enrollment fee in the 300 workout group ($500 discount since the first 3 months of 2018 have gone by). Your goal is 220 workouts from now til the end of 2018. Remember, working out is the KEY habit of all fit people I know. If you keep working out, you ARE going to be healthier and that is a fact. Now I want to tell you about how to get my coaching for the next 9 months for free!! Nine months of LIVE coaching with me, at the standard rate of $397 a month, is about $3,600 (keep in mind an average person trainer for the year would cost you more than $15,000 for the year). I don't want $3,600 from you though. I want your participation and I want you to be with this team all year. What I am offering to you is 9 months of VIP membership for just about $3 a workout and workshop. Here's the challenge... set your goal for 25 workouts a month (20 in April if you are signing up now) and commit to that with an investment of $1,495 now. When you get a total of at least 220 workouts for the next 9 months, then you get ALL of your money back. The entire 9 months of coaching is then FREE to you by the end. You can earn it with 220 workouts!  

This is a commitment from me to you and from you to me. We have a great thing going and I want to keep it going strong! My offer gives you a challenging goal for this summer and an incentive to keep going strong all year long. Accepting this challenge will lead to many good things along the way. And it gives me what I want which is YOUR participation and YOUR commitment to make health and fitness a priority in 2018! This is a great investment in YOU and a solid commitment in advance with a reward and a way you can WIN that is completely within your control.

INVEST in your health before you get sick, not after. Getting sick is expensive! And it hurts your family, not just you. Be proactive and let me, Bill Phillips, be your personal fitness coach LIVE each day for the rest of the year. Make the $1,495 investment now and then do 220 workouts with me, which earns you the entire fee back as a reward!

Ok, here's the catch... at this time, only 12 people are allowed to sign up through this generous and motivating offer. Take action right away if you want to make the team. Please don't procrastinate and miss out on the health and fitness opportunity of a lifetime. Just Click "Add to Cart" above and complete the checkout process. Once you are registered, you will receive an email from me, welcoming you to the team and telling you all about how easy it is to join me for the live workouts each day.

Now is the time. Click "Add to Cart" above, and join our VIP Team now! Enrollment closes when just 12 more people complete registration. 

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