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Go for 300 Workouts in 2018!

Want to be Proactive about your Health and Fitness in 2018 in a Serious Way?
If so, you might be one of the 20 people I am hoping to recruit to our VIP Right Plan for the New Year. This letter is NOT for everyone and you will feel it as you read along if I am talking to YOU. If YOU are one of the 20 I am looking for, email me pronto please! Bill@Transformation.com
Okay, look... 2018 is right around the corner.
We talked the other night about how we must be proactive and think ahead if we want to make it a transformative and fulfilling and healthy year. Setting goals is a start. COMMITTING TO THOSE GOALS is a vitally important aspect though. We know from a year and a half of Go Live Coaching that when you folks pay for the service, you really put effort into it and you get something out of it. But the same good people who have received some months free have oddly faded away... until you signed up and paid again. It is called the 'comp curse.' We have seen it for many years in different forms. "Here's your big prize! You are the best! ... and btw your effed now..." It is an awful way to do this kind of business because it seems so kind and benevolent but it backfires at least 75 percent of the time. But here's the catch... I don't want your money for being in this group... I am talking to those of you who have been here for more than a couple months. So here is what I want to do... I challenge you to 300 workouts in 2018. And I ask you to please be part of our group all year long! I want to go through 2018 with YOU. I want to go through the successes and setbacks and the records and revelations that await us all. Together we will discover new health and fitness methods and gain insight and information that will benefit us the rest of our lives. We will welcome MANY newcomers and you and I can be there to support and encourage them. Some of you will find opportunities coming to you in the new year to begin a career in the new science of fitness for everyone. Some of you will find that it all truly becomes a way of live in 2018 and that you become the living embodiment of all the lessons we have been seeking to learn. Some of you will have breakthroughs for the better that we can't even begin to predict right now... but if we keep yourselves going with the action steps, faithfully, one day and one right choice moment at a time, GREAT things will happen.

I am committing to the full year of coaching
and I will work hard to bring you the best workouts and workshops that keep the mind and heart nourished with compelling facts and inspiring success stories. I have made my life purpose doing this work. It's my calling and I intend to do it right up to my last breath... "Come On! Once more rep!" my last words someday at age 96 or so I hope!

On any day I can't be there for the workout we will have additional coaches from our community step up and lead the team through the best training routines anywhere.

Here is what I am offering...
I am offering you and challenging you to commit to 300 workouts with me in the year of 2018. Working out is the KEY habit of all fit people I know. If you keep working out, you ARE going to be healthier and that is a fact. 12 months of Go LIVE at our standard rate is $397 a month is about $4,800 (keep in mind an average person trainer for the year would cost you more than $15,000 for the year). I don't want $4,800 from you though. I want your participation and I want you to be with this team all year. What I am offering to select members (only 20 people can get on this VIP Platinum Level now) of this group is year-long VIP membership for just about $3 a workout and workshop. Here's the challenge... set your goal for 300 workouts in 2018 and commit to that with an investment of $1,995 this week. When you achieve 150 workouts by June 30, 2018 our agreement with you is that you get the next six months VIP level for free. You EARN six months free by doing 150 workouts the first six months and you bring the cost per workout down from about $15 to $3. And if you do 150 workouts the second six months, for a total of at least 300 for the year 2018, then you get your $1,995 back!

This is a commitment from me to you and from you to me. We have a great thing going and I want to keep it going strong! My offer gives you a challenging goal for 2018 right out of the gates and one that goes strong all year long. Accepting this challenge will lead to many good things along the way. And it gives me what I want which is YOUR participation and YOUR commitment to make health and fitness a priority in 2018! This is a Great investment in YOU and a solid commitment in advance with a reward and a way you can WIN that is completely within your control. Bet on yourself in 2018 while investing in your health... be proactive... bring the power of positive pressure into play to motivate you to be your best!

I'm ALL IN for 2018! How about you?
If you are interested, send me a quick email to Bill@Transformation.com and please put "300 in 2018" in the subject line. We'll get back to you right away and help you decide if this is the right plan for you. I'd like to offer to include two camps for you in 2018 for the price of one, paid in advance. Get a FREE camp (valued at $2,495) when you invest in just one. You can pick camp dates from any of our 10 camps on the calendar for 2018.

Be proactive about your health and fitness and make 2018 your healthiest and happiest ever! Write to me at Bill@Transformation.com -- this offer at this price is only open to the first 20 people who take action and take the big step up to the next level of VIP Transformation Membership.

Wishing you the best health always!

Bill Phillips

Email me with questions or scroll back to the top of this page and click the red "add to cart" button to complete your registration. 

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