Bill Phillips Go LIVE Workout and Workshops Video Collection

Now you can receive the 2 Year collection of Bill Phillips teaching 40 years of body and health for life knowledge and wisdom. Join in for off the charts workouts with incredible energy and wonderful laughter when you least expect it. Plus, join Maria Phillips in the kitchen for the worlds best RIGHT shake recipes... along with delicious, nutritious breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. Be inspired and motivativated for a lifetime of fitness! Even the lost episodes have been found and included!

Reserve your copy now, available October 23,2018. Only 50 platinum VIP collections of the GOLIVE era are being produced. 

$10,000 will be donated directly to Colorado Make A Wish Foundation to celebrate Bill Phillips’ 54th Birthday! Thank you Bill for inspiring us all and for leading the way to a healthier and fit future!

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