Creatine Monohydrate - Clinical Use Medical Grade


Creatine — it is proven to increase workout results; more muscle size and strength.

Bill Phillips brought creatine to the fitness world 26 years ago (EAS Phosphagen) because it worked for athletes; it was a legal steroid alternative. It still is.

Over the years creatine proved to be even better than originally thought.

Creatine protects brain health and can boost IQ and improves memory. It protects against concussions and helps heal brain injury.

Creatine strengthens the immune system and it has recently been discovered to fight cancer.

Creatine increases energy and improves recovery between workouts. It is an anti-depressant and mood brightener; studies show it is quicker to help people feel better than prescription SSRIs.

Creatine is used by millions of athletes and health seekers everyday without side effects.

And all of this is bad news for the supplement industry and supplement consumer.

How so?

Creatine is what the pharmaceutical business or Big Pharma call a Billion Dollar Baby (a drug with sales measured in billions not millions). Problem is, creatine is not a restricted pharmaceutical drug..

Creatine is a supplement, like vitamins. You can get it without a prescription. But Big Pharma is working on that... lobbying FDA and pushing for this supplement to be a drug by definition. In one recent FDA meeting Creatine was voted in to the bulk drug approved schedule 503A allowing compounding pharmacies to use Creatine in the making of prescription medication.

Furthermore, UCLA scientists, who recently discovered Creatine boosts the effectiveness of cancer fighting immunotherapy, have filed a patent and new drug application for Creatine.

We might be seeing a supplement that works so well it is taken off the supplement shelves and put behind the pharmacy counter. Not for safety, but for pure profit. It could happen at any point in the future.

For a short time, we are able to offer supply from our clinical use 3rd party verified nutrition source. This is not the business we are in; we don’t normally source raw materials for customers. But the majority of product available on the market is Chinese Creatine. Most all Creatine sold in USA comes from Wuhan, China. And it is FEED grade creatine. Not Food... Feed! It is intended for animal feed.
Real medical grade Creatine used for regulated clinical studies is not cheap. But it is clean, safe, and effective.

Cheap China Creatine is not safe or effective in human nutrition. This unregulated supply chain is one of the reasons FDA is on its way to making Creatine require a prescription. Before that happens, I recommend that you take care of yourself first by stocking up.

We are currently sourcing kilograms (~4 month supply) of medical grade creatine monohydrate from our verified clinical nutrition provider. The maximum order we are able to accept at this time is five kilos.

This medical grade Creatine is now in stock and ships within 24 hours.

You’ll be stunned how well this medical grade creatine works. You will gain energy and strength. You’ll get leaner and see more muscle. You will become healthier no matter what your age. It is clean and dissolves instantly in water.
Take 7 grams a day if you are over 200 lbs or take 5 g a day if you are under 200 lbs.
Lift weights for life; never quit!


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