Bill Phillips 2019 Iron Eagles Fitness Team

Please email for further opportunities to join Bill Phillips Coaching throughout the year -- our January 1 start is officially closed. 



Make 2019 your breakthrough year!

Lose the unhealthy weight the right way and never see it again. End the struggle with procrastination and take action by saying YES and by Investing in YOU. We have selected a group of 70 team members, men and women from all walks of life and many, over age 50 like me.

We have put together a TEAM of people who are determined, courageous, and humble. Some are looking to get back on track with their Body for LIFE workouts and nutrition. Some have great momentum already because they made the decision to get started last year. It is a group of people that we hand selected because we know they will add value to the TEAM and that will help everyone get better results.

But before we close the door to this opportunity we are having an open lottery period... like they do in top level sporting competitions. It is a flash open enrollment period that starts RIGHT NOW and goes until just 10 people take action to sign up.

We are looking for 10 people to add to our team of "Iron Eagles" for 2019 who can:

1) Overcome procrastination and take bold, decisive ACTION NOW; and

2) we are looking for 10 people who believe in INVESTING in themselves and their HEALTH for LIFE.

Our 12 month 2019 program includes daily workouts and meal plans to follow. More than 200 LIVE VIDEO WORKOUTS with me, Bill Phillips. Monthly educational courses that MAKE YOU AN EXPERT in topics like Exercise Science, Nutrition Research, Habit Change, Positive Mindset, Helping others get Fit, and Transforming Health from the Inside Out. It is not just information, it is a step-by-step monthly Learning Course that allows you to become Certified in Mastering the Program of Body-for-LIFE and more.

Also as an incredible incentive, if you complete 300 workouts in 2019 and post accountability quick videos, and if you complete the monthly educational course, then at the end of 2019, you get your entire investment in the program back in the form of a $3,000 REWARD! More than 35 people who participated in our 2018 program got their 300 workouts and earned a $2,000 Reward so it IS possible! We want to reward you for doing the action steps that develop the habits which change your body and health for life, for REAL.

Registration is non refundable and terms and conditions apply. Please email for more information. 


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