January 18 - 20, 2019
Masters Camp


January 18, 19, 20 of the year 2019!! YOU, yes YOU, are invited to join me, Bill Phillips, for three days of new year celebration of motivation! THIS WILL BE THE MOST UPLIFTING THREE DAYS OF YOU LIFE!!! I GUARANTEE IT! 


I opened my Transformation Fitness Center 7 years ago exactly to the date of January 20. I met my wife MARIA that day. She not only made an incredible transformation herself after that day, she also became my co-pilot for life and for 79 Fitness Camps that followed. More than 3,000 people came to our three-day fitness Camps which are filled with workouts and workshops and fun experiences, team building. So many people have transformed because they came to Camp. We wish it could go on forever. But we have reached a point where are Camps must end. We are being pressured out of our location, which is such a special place for us and for all the people who have changed after being in our Center. Instead of going out on a sad note, we have negotiated with our corporate landlord to give us until the end of January 2019 to surrender our leased space. They are looking to gut the whole building and rebuild it as retail shops which will bring them more per foot rate of return. Or something like that. 

It has been weeks of negotiating and a lot of heartbreak for me because I was reborn in this space in a way, having done my physical therapy here after a crippling injury that put me in a wheelchair back in 2011. After I gained the ability to walk again, I transformed my body and fitness here, when it was a sports medicine clinic called Next Level. That clinic grew to need more space so they moved to a location nearby leaving this 5,000 sq ft empty. I decided to remodel it and make it a healing and renewal center for others. I got well here, and I opened the doors to invite others in. I call it Bill Phillips Center (for transformation, research, for building your body and life, for getting support, for making new friends). It all worked. So many people have come away from their time here with new friends, with renewed fitness, with transformed health, and with motivation to stay the course! 

There is so much to Celebrate and Share and so much Motivation and Friendship... I want to invite YOU to come to my humble house of fitness one more time. Let's flesh out the top 10 lessons learned and take them with us as wisdom for fitness and life. Let's Honor the Top 50 Transformations which started here. Let's get fired up for 2019 and make connections that will help us stay accountable and motivated! 

This Transformation Center, and all of the people who have come here then gone on to make epic changes in their bodies and lives have formed a collective spirit that filled this room. It is the spirit of CAN DO. IT IS THE SPIRIT OF COMPASSION. IT IS THE SPIRIT OF STRENGTH. IT IS THE SPIRIT OF KNOWLEDGE. IT IS THE SPIRIT OF COOPERATION AND DETERMINATION AND INSPIRATION AND YES, YES, YES... IT IS THE SPIRIT OF MOTIVATION! Bring your cup and fill it before you go. THIS is the fountain. 

Camp today is a full medical health screening in a addition to workouts and fun and workshops. Body Composition DEXA at the Colorado University Medical Campus, and metabolic testing by experts using the state of the art method to measure (not estimate) your exact metabolism so we can customize your nutrition plan. Dr. Doug, our doctor of physical therapy, who has been with us for all 7 years, will be at this Camp too and he will help you fine tune your exercise form and give a complete check up of your knees, back, shoulders, to make sure you are healthy and strong. Iron Mike Ryan, the world's best fitness trainer over 50 will be here to pour energy and strength into you so you can get your best workouts ever! Maria and me, Bill Phillips, will be giving you are VERY BEST EVER so you know how much we appreciate your support and how much we care about your results. 


We are sad that we are losing our sacred space that has been the location of so many miracles. But we know God has a Plan. Life has a Plan. And we have to accept that with gratitude and faith. We have decided to CELEBRATE the success of all of YOU who came here as such wonderful students, each of you humble and courageous. We love you all and if you want to attend this Celebration of Motivation Camp 2019 please write to us quickly to apply: Bill@Transformation.com 

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