THE NEW BODY, LIVE Video Series:
September 25 - October 21, 2017

Announcing THE NEW BODY for life, LIVE Video Series!

BE THE VERY FIRST to gain access and learn brand new information from THE NEW BODY for life book during this 4-week course, before it is released to bookstores in 2018. With Bill Phillips as your teacher, motivator, and coach, LIVE, you will take your knowledge and results to the next level! 

Here is some of what you will learn:

  • Bill Phillips' Comeback Story: How the author of Body for LIFE, the best-selling fitness book of all time, fell from fit to fat and hit fitness rockbottom in his late 40's. Embarrassed and humbled by becoming a middle-aged before photo version of himself, he swallowed his pride and began again. One rep at a time, Bill rebuilt his strength, transformed his mindset, and became THE NEW BODY, for life. How that experience led to this new program and book.
  • 3 Keys to Getting Started: Taking the first step. Building momentum. Overcoming adversity. You can and must do all this to succeed.
  • What are the 10 things successful transformers have in common? Your success will be boosted if you do all 10 of these things too! 
  • 8 case studies, not just endorsements, but in-depth case studies. Metabolic rate data before and after. Blood sugar balancing, Cholesterol lowering and important workout techniques for fat burning and muscle building.
  • For personal trainers and coaches to be, Bill teaches the proper way to spot your students and how to teach them the correct form. TIP: 9 out of 10 trainers are doing it wrong and put their students in danger!
  • Tap Training: Learn this secret X-Factor from Bill Phillips and Dr. Doug. You will activate 40% more muscle fibers in each workout.
  • Discover the Breakthrough New Supplement: Improve blood sugar balance, boost testosterone more than any other natural supplement on the market ever has, and strengthen tendons and ligaments to heal from and avoid injuries. 
  • Metabolic Rate Optimization: How to fix a broken metabolism and how to make a good metabolism great, so you can lose the fat and keep it off for life while still enjoying real food and never having to diet! 
  • Staying the Course: What about when you succeed? Then what? Bill Phillips shares 3 tried and true keys for staying motivated, focused, and making fitness your lifestyle.
  • Discover Your True Potential: Learn how to set realistic, ambitious, and challenging goals for yourself, considering your body type, age and potential. 
  • The power of teamwork: How your change can make a difference in the lives of others, not someday, but everyday. Learn about the breakthrough Harvard study that shows giving and receiving support makes you 225% more likely to succeed.
  • Get Right FACTS X-tras: Now we go beyond the basics. Learn three new layers to the Right Foods, Amounts, Combinations, Times, and Support.  
  • New Customized Meal Plans: Lean, Clean, and Build plans and recipes for you, depending on your metabolism, goals, and where you are on the path. 
  • 10 Signs of transformation trouble ahead: caution signs you can see before you lapse and let your hard-earned results slip away. 
  • The power of Micro-Habits and Tiny-Goals: Make huge breakthroughs in your behavior, thinking, and lifestyle. Whether you're facing an intimidating challenge akin to climbing the highest mountain, or eating an elephant, you will know how to do it now.
  • Maria Phillips' Before, After, Ever-After: How she lost 60 lbs and keeps it off 6 years later. According to the National Institutes of Health only 1 in 20 people who lose weight and get fit can sustain their new and improved condition for more than 5 years. Maria is living proof it can be done. She shares how.
  • Myths vs Facts: weight loss, diets, injuries, workouts, goals and longevity. 
  • Questions and Answers: What works and what doesn't? Bill Phillips gives you the clear-cut answers you need to succeed. 

Sign up for THE NEW BODY (and health) for life, LIVE Video Series today and you will receive unique and challenging workouts for each day. Learn the best workout routines for building muscle, burning fat, and elevating your mind, mood, and metabolism! All you need is a pair of dumbbell free weights and the desire to get fit! Bill Phillips teaches you 25 exercises which work all 600 muscles in your body, and which build cardio-vascular and cardio-pulmonary fitness with every set and every rep! 

Join the Team today and begin again with new energy and excitement, starting September 18th! 

Live and Learn! Build and Burn! Not only will you receive workouts for each day of the program, you will also get access to 15 live video workshops (if you can't watch live, you can watch on demand at any time that works for you). And, as a special bonus, you'll get 6 hours of exciting and informative seminar, workout, and workshop live coverage from the 3-Day Transformation Camp, September 15, 16, 17. You will receive over 40 hours of LIVE video motivation, education, inspiration, teamwork, and fun. All for less than $9 an hour. Be one of the first 25 people to sign up and get THE NEW BODY for life custom workout shirt! 

THE NEW BODY for life, LIVE Video Coaching Series begins Thursday September 18th and continues through October 11thYou'll get unique and challenging workouts, customized meal plans according to your goals, and an exclusive and advanced look at THE NEW BODY for life book through your workshop material. 

To reserve your place on the Team today, click the Add to Cart button above! It will be an incredible investment in YOU, guaranteed!

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