About GH10x 

This is a supplement for those who have already started a healthy nutrition plan and an intense exercise program. GH10x is designed to help you get even better results from your workouts and nutrition.

GH10x supports your fitness through three key pathways.

1) Nitric Oxide: The pure amino acid nutrients in GH10x support the natural production of nitric oxide -- an important substraight in the body that facilitates healthy blood flow and optimal delivery of nutrients to recovering muscle cells. Nitric oxide has also been scientifically shown to improve workout performance and delay the onset of fatigue. Thousands of devoted weight trainers and body builders also use nitric oxide support supplements to increase the 'muscle pump' which occurs during intense exercise.

2) Growth Hormone: Intense interval training has been scientifically shown to increase the body's natural production of growth hormone which plays a key role in lipolysis (fat burning) and protein synthesis (muscle building). Past the age of 35 especially, natural growth hormone levels decrease, which may be one reason it becomes harder to stay lean and strong as the body ages. GH10x contains pure forms of the amino acids arginine and glutamine, both of which have been scientifically shown to support the body's natural release of growth hormone. When GH10x is taken after a workout and before sleep it can support the body's natural growth hormone elevations.

3) Cell Volumizing: The key amino acids in the unique GH10x formula also work to promote health through a pathway called cell volumizing. Intense workouts produce a significant amount of stress on muscle cells and fibers. Working out slightly breaks the muscles down so that they body adapts by making muscle fibers stronger and healthier. For this process to work at an optimal level it is vitally important to avoid plasmolysis (cell shrinkage). The nutrients in GH10x have been shown in scientific studies to support cell volumization, which decreases muscle cell breakdown while also supporting anabolism. Anecdotally cell volumizing nutrients have been reported to keep the muscles feeling full and strong. 


If you're working out hard and eating right and want to take your results to the next level, try adding a serving of GH10x to your post workout routine. Have an additional serving approximately 30 minutes before sleep.
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