Starter Kit
Right Nutrition Shakes, Strongevity Rx, & Eating for Life Recipe Book

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Starter Kit = 12 Servings of Vanilla Right Nutrition Shakes, 12 Servings of Chocolate Right Nutrition Shakes, 30 Servings of Strongevity Rx, and the Eating for Life Recipe Book

Bill Phillips, author of Body-for-LIFE (6 million copies sold worldwide) – the man who introduced the fitness world to Met-Rx and EAS performance supplements has a new starter kit designed to help people quickly get their nutrition and fitness back on track. Millions of people around the world have followed Bill Phillips' programs and lost fat, gained muscle, and transformed their bodies and lives. You can do it too! But, you have to get started -- you have to take action to make it happen. Here's where to start...
Get Started RIGHT!

  • 24 Delicious, Right Nutrition Shakes rich with the highest quality protein, vitamins, minerals, probiotics, antioxidants, glutamine and BCAA's. 12 chocolate servings, 12 vanilla servings. ($70 Value)
  • 30 servings of the breakthrough new cellular energy supplement, Strongevity Rx. You will feel the benefits of the scientific formulation, which includes creatine, the unique forms of CoQ10, and the life-giving vitamin Cholecalciferol, D3. Add a serving of Strongevity Rx to your Right Nutrition Shake first thing in the morning and again after your workout and you will gain energy, strength, and get better results faster from your workouts. ($49.95 Value)
  • Eating Right makes all the difference in your short and long term results. Bill Phillips' best selling book, Eating for Life takes all the guesswork out of nutrition and meal planning. Learn how to feed your body to lose the unhealthy pounds while gaining strength, energy, and fitness. Plus, you'll get 150 delicious, nutritious healthy recipes for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, desserts, and more. ($35 Value)

Order the starter kit and receive $154.95 of products for just $99.95 – You'll save $55 if you order today, while this special offer is still available.

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