Vitamin D: 14,000 IU Replesta NX

8 servings

What is Replesta NX?

Replesta NX is a medical supplement that contains 14,000 IU of cholecalciferol (vitamin D3). Replesta NX provides the distinct nutritional requirements to manage vitamin D deficiency and maintain your vitamin D stores. For use in conjunction with medical supervision 

How does Replesta NX manage my vitamin D deficiency?

Chronic vitamin D deficiency has been shown to have serious consequences. Therefore vitamin D deficiency should be rapidly corrected. 

In order to manage vitamin D deficiency in some people, it is necessary to give large doses of vitamin D within a relatively short period of time. Replesta NX contains 14,000 IU vitamin D3 to help maintain your calcidiol levels above 40 ng/mL. 

How do I take Replesta NX?

Replesta and Replesta NX can be prescribed in a variety of ways allowing your doctor to tailor a treatment strategy that will work best for you. Use under medical supervision and follow your health providers instructions. Most patients will be on 1 tablet twice per week.

Can I take Replesta NX with my multivitamin?

Yes, you can take Replesta NX in conjunction with your multivitamin or calcium supplement. 

Can I correct Vitamin D deficiency with my diet?

Vitamin D deficiency is common in medical patients, including those who take vitamin D supplements. Despite lifestyle and dietary changes, vitamin D concentrations often fail to reach normality in a significant number of patients. 

In order to achieve adequate levels of vitamin D, measurement of calcidiol levels and replacement with a medical food such as Replesta NX may be necessary as part of the overall management of your condition.

Does Replesta NX contain gluten?

No. Replesta NX does not contain gluten and is made with all natural flavors and sweeteners. It is available as a delicious orange-flavored chewable wafer. 

Do I need to keep taking Vitamin D once I am sufficient?

Yes, once your deficiency is managed, adequate vitamin D should be taken to sustain calcidiol levels above 30 ng/mL. 

Maintaining calcidiol levels consistently above 30 ng/mL will require at least 2,000 IU to 4,000 IU per day of vitamin D. Replesta NX, 14,000 IU per serving, allows for optimal management of your vitamin D stores.

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