Creatine Monohydrate

Back in the 1990′s when I owned EAS, we were the first to introduce the fitness world to creatine supplementation. At the time, there were just a handful of scientific research studies which indicated creatine significantly increased muscle strength and lean body mass. After experiencing great results from using creatine myself, I wrote about it in my magazine at the time, Muscle Media. From there, as other fitness pros began to feel the power of creatine firsthand, the product just took off. There had never been a natural performance enhancer that worked this well ever before.
What we didn't know at the time was that the powerful effects creatine has on muscle strength is just the tip of the iceberg. Fast-forward to today… now more than 500 scientific studies have been conducted showing that creatine supplementation is not just for athletes; it can help virtually every adult man and woman, young and old, live longer, stronger, and healthier.
It’s truly incredible to see how far creatine has come over the past two decades. 

Unfortunately, in the supplement market, we often see companies using low-quality ingredients in their products to compete on price and increase their profits. The supplement companies win — the supplement consumers lose in this scenario. I've been warning people about this practice for over two decades and it’s still as prevalent now as it’s ever been.

I have always gone to great lengths to ensure that our customers received the highest quality products. Quality always comes first. I don’t skimp on ingredients and I am willing to invest whatever’s necessary to get the full, potent effects from the supplements I use. After all, it’s our bodies and lives that we’re talking about here; we all deserve the best.

There is a serious problem in the supplement industry, fake supplements are rampant and label claims are rarely even met. Because I use these products myself, it has been important that they go through rigorous third party, verifiable testing. The good news is each 50 serving container of creatine monohydrate is guaranteed to contain the purest form on the market and is only manufactured in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Certified facility. 

When it comes to verified creatine, it is important to remember that you’re investing in the highest quality supplement with scientifically proven results. 

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